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Aluminum is one of the more popular frame materials.


Flexlink XC Bot

See XCbot.



This image via EMCRepStrap. This is SamBot, Probably a metric extruded aluminum machine. See Extruded Aluminum#Metric for more details.

T-Slot Based 3D Replicator


See T-Rep.

3Drag printer

3D Printer1.jpg

See 3drag.

This page is dedicated to the creation of a 3D Replicator with a frame based on T-slotted framing. Here is an excellent source of these materials: http://8020.net/T-Slot-1.asp

We feel that the desire to self replicate has been holding back the RepRap device from gaining wider acceptance and also attaining higher performance levels coupled with greater versatility. Ideally a T-Slot Replicator will be multi-tool enabled with support for FDM, Shape Deposition Manufacturing, CNC_Mill Spindles, Pick and Place and possibly other tools like lasers and Laser Cutters. We also would like to see more versatile and off the shelf solutions for the electronics as few are willing or capable of creating their own boards. Lastly, the software needs to be more plug and play so that less time is spent installing, configuring and tweaking. See also Development Pathway

If you are interested in this project, please share your thoughts and designs here.

Development Pathway

This page will eventually fork into a tree of different webpages. That will include SamBot, HydraBot, My Extruded Aluminum RepStrap, My Extruded Aluminum Laser Cutter, and so on. But right now, all the action is on this webpage.


kinds of extruded aluminum

T-Slot is one of the most popular categories of extruded aluminum -- VSlot, fischertechnik aluminum beams, 80/20 beams, MakerBeam, OpenBeam, MicroRAX -- see T-Slot for more details.

aluminum L rails: Doboz

MakerSlide is an open source aluminum extrusion with a built-in V-rail linear bearing system. The Deltic3D, ORD bot, Freedeepee, CNC Router, etc. all use MakerSlide as part of their drive train.

YesRail, apparently designed for the P2f RepStrap, is a rail system "based on Open Rail and MakerSlide".

OpenRail: Linear V rail universal mounts to t-slot extrusion

aluminum L rails

Makeblock: typically used for small desktop models

Early version of Eiffel, showing the grid beam TriLap joints. (The beams should have through-holes repeating along the side.)

grid beam: square beams with a line of holes: typically used for furniture and street signs

Extruded rectangular aluminum tubes:

square metal tubes, that later have holes drilled only where bolts are needed, as in T-Rep 0 (the progenitor) and Strapzilla and TeeBot <flickr>3951997454|none</flickr> <flickr>5084805984|right</flickr>