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Working Notes

The Darwin and Mendel Repraps were designed to extrude PLA plastic. It didn't take long before people starting trying to make them extrude other stuff.

(Is this page supposed to name and categorize extruders by how they are made? Or by what they make? Or possibly both?)

RepRap-Made Extruder

Right now this is at Mendel_extruder. I think we need to move this to Extruder/Printed. Or host it on this page. Otherwise we'll have "Mendel Extruder", "Darwin Extruder", "Post-Mendel Extruder", and so on.


SpoolHead is a proposed research project to deposit wire and thread using a new extrusion head.


Development:Geared_Nema17_Extruder This needs to be integrated somehow.

LaserCut Extruder

We need a wiki-native lasercut extruder.

CNC Made Extruder




HardWearStore Extruder

Hardware Store (HS) Extruder

Powertool Made Extruder





  • Adrian worked on this a bit.


RJ Paste Extruder

Ceramic Extrusion

Delicious frosting: Frostruder[1]