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Francisco team
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3D Circular printer that prints 3 different materials
Supporting The Venus Project, Gada Prize, Improve Reprap
CAD Models
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Actual version of my Reprap

Project Description

I have some ideas in my mind. I "believe" in Zeitgeist, and I try to give my bit to improve this society. But from the different little projects that I have in my mind, some of them look stuck, or without a good reception, so they are not really an advantage for anyone. Then I decided to do something that could make the difference, that someone want to receive and that many people would use, and apart of that, it gives a prize.

I'm designing a new Reprap with more capabilities, as printing 3 different materials, and with better quality. It's not easy, as all of you should already know, but we all learn of our mistakes, so any improvement of my machine that you want to say is welcome

Project Goals

The goals are:
- Create a rotative bed that makes the surface XY of the printer to be less than 150% of the printable space (which is impossible with the actual mendel model)
- The printable area is 300x300x100, but as it's a cilyndre, it's Radio 220mm and Height 100mm
- If possible, a metal piece will remove the finished piece from the bed and clean it

Working Notes.

Important to notice that in the central part the volume of MATERIAL that is released in a circle is smaller than in the borders of the circular beds, within the formula:

So, the diference between the volume at the smallest circle and the biggest circle is:
R4-R3=R2-R1=1 mm
Vb=hπ(R4²-R3²)=hπ(220²-219²)=hπ·439 -> hπ=Vb/439
Vs=hπ=Vb/439 -> 439Vs=Vb -> The smallest circle has 439 times less volume of material than the biggest one!

Files and Parts

Firmware Downloads


Photos and Drawings

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