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Each open hybrid mendel Rep Rap will need a full set of threaded and smooth rods for the building process.

Rod Part Name Quantity Length (in.) Rod Type
A X-Axis rail 2 18 smooth
B Z-Axis rail 2 13 smooth
C Y-Axis rail 2 16.5 smooth
D Triangular frame 6 14.5 threaded
E Short X cross-bars 4 11.5 threaded
F Long X cross-bars 3 17.5 threaded
G Z-drive rods 2 10 threaded
H Y-plate support 1 4.5 threaded
I Spool base 2 4 threaded
J Spool arm 2 9 threaded

A recommended cutting plan is shown below. This plan uses 1 meter stock rods from a hardware store.