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Most extruders on the market are made of ABS or PLA plastic and often are 3D printed. While there is nothing wrong about it, we decided to take it on the higher level using CNC machines to create it from aluminum.


We believe we can provide you with high quality product that will rise your 3D printer to a higher level. Goliat extruder is a classy product and step forward to transform amateurish RepRap 3D printers into more professional devices.


Goliat extruders are designed for installation into new 3D Printers as well as for 3D printers that are already made and used. It is perfect for such RepRap models like Prusa, Mendel Max and others. F3.jpg It is very easy in assembly and can be installed onto 3D printer without any advanced skills or knowledge. Below you can see how simple dealing with Goliat extruder really is. The video shows assembly proces for Goliat with motor, TG7 bushing and fan. F4.jpg

In summer 2014 Goliat had Indiegogo campaign.

Technical specifications

Goliat extruder is designed to be mount directly on the motors in Nema 17 casing with torque not less than 0.5 Nm It is intended for filament 1.75 mm and 3 mm. When using 3 mm filament installation of transmission is absolutely required Works with MK7 and TG7 bushings Made of high quality aluminum Version available for direct extrusion of the heads of the j-head handle and Bowden Has a place to attach the fan 40mm x 40mm Extruder is equipped with mounting screws and connector for pneumatic feed tube filament Extruder is assembled Weight 100g.