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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

What This Is

This is an attempt to document the "standard" groove mount dimensions (and variations thereof) for hot end design. This page has been created due to the apparent lack of any documentation on this "standard". Feel free to add to and edit this page as you see fit, especially to correct any errors or omissions.

What is a Groove Mount?

The idea is to add a groove of a certain size and diameter to the top of a cylindrical portion of a hot end in order to facilitate mounting. This groove can be used in several ways in order to mount the hot end to the extruder or printer.


  1. Groove mount plate
  2. Custom extruder cold end body with features to allow inserts to capture groove

The Standard

There is no set-in-stone standard, however there appears to be a common set of dimensions that many (most?) hot end manufacturers use for the groove mount. The following image is the design for the PEEK holder of the J Head Nozzle Mk V:

Jhn nozzle holder v5.jpg

The important dimensions are at the top of the holder:

  • The overall diameter of the hot end: 5/8" or 16mm.
  • The diameter of the groove: 12mm
  • The width of the groove: 4.64mm

See Mounting Plate for a part that mates to this.


E3D, etc.

Current Hot End Designs with the Groove Mount Standard

See Hot End Comparison for a list of hot ends and details, including mounting method. extruders