Hammerhead Nozzle

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Hammerhead Nozzle

Release status: experimental


Double heater hot-end that uses J-Head components and a special nozzle.
CAD Models
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Requests have been made for a hot-end that can extruder quickly with an orifice 1mm, in diameter, or greater. This nozzle uses all J-Head Mk V series compatible parts. Only the brass nozzle is different.

Parts List

Mk I

Summary: First Hammerhead hot-end.

Quantity Part Description Part Number Instructions
1 Hammerhead Nozzle (v1.0) Machined Brass Nozzle/Dual Heater Combination, Version 1
1 Nozzle Holder (v5) Machined PEEK Nozzle Holder, Version 5 J-Head Nozzle Holder, V5
1 PTFE liner (v2) 1/8" ID, 1/4" OD PTFE tubing, Version 2 McMaster-Carr 5033K31 J-Head PTFE Liner, V2
1 Heater Resistor Axial, 5.6 ohm, 1%, 5W UB5C-5.6-ND
1 Thermistor 5 Semitec 104GT-2
1 Hollow-lock socket set screw 5/16-24 hollow-lock socket set screw McMaster-Carr 91301A150
1 Flat Washer 1/4" OD Flat Washer McMaster-Carr 98032A436

Machined Parts

Hammerhead Nozzle

Version 1