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Release status: working

Fully customizable 3-D Printer with OpenSCAD
CAD Models
External Link

This is my Project for dynamical printing a Portal-Printer with OpenScad and a possible reachable Workspace Area of 360x600x270mm (X/Y/Z). But this is just my Print (i simply don’t know how far you can get). It has a option for mounting some Auto-Bed-Leveling equipment, then you might able for levelling the bed with Marlin or some other Firmware.

You decide the values of each parameter of each Structure within the Printer. If you don’t change anything you simply will get mine ;-) (Hopefully your Printer works like mine (Prusa i2 with 0.4mm Nozzle)).


Please be aware of the Information on this site, its under construction ;-)

Pictures of my Version


Assembly instructions

Sorry this may take a while, and a lot of writing too ;-)

Possible Mechanical Parts

(These are the mechanical Parts I used for my configuration)

  • Smooth-Rods Y - Axis: 10mm
  • Smooth-Rods Z - Axis: 10mm
  • Smooth-Rods X - Axis: 8mm
  • Ground-Frame Threaded-Rods: 8mm
  • Upper-Frame column Threaded Rods: 10mm
  • Brace of Structure Threaded Rods: 8mm
  • Belts: Standard GT2 Belt 7mm width
  • Pulleys: 20tooth Pulley for GT2 Belt
  • Bearings: LM8UU, LM10UU, 608ZZ

Possible Electrical Parts

(These are the mechanical Parts I used for my configuration)

  • Nema 16 Engines with DRV Stepper Link
  • Arduino Mega Link
  • Ramps 1.4 Link


This Printer was made of an Prusa i2

Help and support

Mail me if you have any questions: [email protected]

How to get it?

  • you have to build your own .stl Files with OpenSCAD, further instruction are here: Github.