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iTopie Documentation

Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status: Working

ITopie RepRap 2.png
Description Prusa i3 evolution.
License GPL
Author Skarab
Based-on Prusa i3
Categories iTopie
CAD Models GitHub
External Link RepRap Forum


The iTopie is a derivative of the very popular Prusa i3, the main purpose of this new machine is to save assembly time, especially for workshops. The second goal is to increase rigidity. 100% MDF structure seems to be the best solution, rigid, cheap, no vibration and if we accept that a 3D printer is a CNC with an extruder, then this machine becomes more self-replicant. Note: The plastic parts of the X and Z axes are compatible with the Prusa i3.


Envelope (x/y/z) 390 x 440 x 440 mm
Print volume (x/y/z) 200 x 200 x 230 mm
Printed parts
(min + optionals)
(exc. extruder)
14 pcs + 6 pcs


All source files are available and maintained on GitHub at

OpenSCAD version (cnc and laser cut) : ITopie OpenSCAD.png

Onshape version by Kabir Costa : GrabCAD Onshape


Tom's 3D - Build your own 3D Printer:

1 - Frames and Linear Motion! <videoflash>E5FqrycYL40</videoflash>


Forum (en) Forum (fr) IRC (fr)

3D Views


more pictures here