Installing RepRap on your computer

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Under construction.

Start by downloading all the RepRap files from Sourceforge:

There are a number of files and packages from the project available there, but the main download (which is about 65 MB) will have a name like That should be the main Sourceforge download for RepRap; nnnnnn is the name of the current RepRap machine and yyyymmdd is the date of the release. The package currently supports 32-bit Windows and Linux. We are working on adding Mac and 64-bit versions.

Linux Installation

You can install and use RepRap in yor own filespace under Linux. If you want it to be available system-wide to all users, you will need superuser privileges.

Unzip the downloaded file:

$ unzip

This will create a directory called reprap-nnnnnn-yyyymmdd.

Windows Installation