Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau

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Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau is a full-time therapist, who has spent more than a decade in providing proper care and guidance to the people who are struggling in their everyday lives. He helps his client belonging to his community to achieve wholeness and peace by using a variety of theories and practices without the use of any expensive medication. He is a licensed medical professional and an experienced counselor, who relies on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) treatment that help their clients in overcoming emotional and psychological obstacles that are occurring in their life.

Personal life


Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau has earned a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2010. He has worked extensively in clinical settings and private practice. He has pastored at large churches that are located in Chicago and Austin. He has studied and employed a range of useful tactics that helps their clients to understand their inner workings and one of the most helpful tools that he uses is the Enneagram model for personality types.


When he was just 7 years of age, he was listening to a mental health therapist on the radio and after listening to that therapist, he has decided to become a therapist. Through counseling, he empowers his clients in providing the resources that help them to achieve happiness in their personal and professional life.

Professional life

Being a counseling psychologist, Jay Brandenburg-Nau likes to ask a range of questions that fully comprehend each client’s individual circumstance before suggesting various treatments and after hearing those issues he provides solution to those people that can help them in restoring their level of confidence without the use of medication.

Jay uses two types of therapy in the treatment of their client, which includes:-

• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT ) • The Enneagram model

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT )

Jay Brandenburg-Nau uses ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). With the help of this model, he helps their clients to avoid negative feelings and accept the things with positivity and by doing this client will learn to weigh their emotions and responses appropriately and they become more prepared to accept their unique issues and as a result, they make changes in their behavior.

The Enneagram model

Jay Austin Brandenburg-Nau uses the Enneagram model to teach his clients on the basis of their personality types. This model plays an important role in the overall development of an individual. This model consists of nine specific traits that ask people to identify with the personality of their type and the goal of the model is to discover the one type that dominates all the others. This model helps an individual in discovering their deepest potential that helps them in their overall actions and behaviors.