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Kontinuum Reprap

The Kontinuum Reprap / Kontinuum Garden Project.

Open Source Manufacturing and Farming.

The project's purpose is effective reprap scaling in printer size as well as production scaling.

Basic idea:

The Kontinuum Reprap will be a 3d-printer with a print volume of roughly 100 x 100 x 40 cm. The printer will have a relatively coarse resolution to save time on prints, but only to the point that it can still accurately reproduce it's own plastic parts.

Plans are to finish the printer by 1. august 2012. We will use the expandebility and open source nature of the Reprap concept to our advantage, both on the hardware and software side.

For the design we are combining already tried and tested concepts, such as:

- Sanguinololu electronics.

- Standard software (Arduino, Slic3r, Pronterface etc.)

- Heated glass build-plate with an aluminium and nichrome-wire heater.

- 5 stepper-motor design.

- Standard hot end, with a relatively large, +/-1mm aperture.

The main novelties will be in the physical structure. For now we are looking to make an adapted Printrbot form, with extra support where needed.

[EDIT 2012/09/05: The design has changed, as it was called to our attention that the heat-bed would need special motors to be able to handle the acceleration of the heavy hardware. The new design has a static heat-bed and four towers. Much of the hardware remains the same, although many parts are doubled.]

The main structural elements will be printed ABS plastic, 30mm metal tubing and 8 and 16mm smooth and threaded rod.

Detailed designs and instructions for the Kontinuum Reprap will be made available here as the project progresses.

The project will also investigate production scaling using reprap technology. The Kontinuum Reprap's first challenge will be the prototyping and production of the Kontinuum Garden, a rotating hydroponic system. The garden is another open source project. Its full design and 3D-printable model will be made available on Thingiverse.com, as the project progresses.

[EDIT 2012/09/05: The first .stl models and complete .aoi files have been uploadet to thingiverse. Follow the link to see more and download: [1]

Both the printer and the garden are "crowdfunded" projects. See more details on Indiegogo.com: [2]