LaserCut Mendel Assembly Photos

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These are some photos I made of my TechZone LaserCut Mendel. Some photos were made during assembly, some were done after assembly.

Pre-assembly - showing the two triangular sides


And below is the frame assembled. NOTE that the X carriage is reversed - the X stepper motor should be on the same side of the frame as the Z stepper.


NOTE that the X carriage is reversed - the X stepper motor should be on the same side of the frame as the Z stepper.

Limit Switches

Here are some photos of my limit switches mounting. These are not intended to tell you where to mount yours, it is just showing where I ended up mounting mine. The Z-limit is in an especially bad spot because it is exposed to damage. I think the X and Y limits are OK where they are, but you may have better ideas.
For the X-axis, I made the interrupter flag out of copper - it was easy to cut and bend to shape.


For the Y axis, here is a top view showing the sensor mounting


and a photo from underneath showing the interrupter flag attached to the Y sled.


Here is the Z-axis sensor which is in a bad location. The interrupter is made of aluminum, and is mounted at the outer side of the Z axis base.

Z Limit Switch.JPG


Here are some other pages I have found useful:

LaserCut Mendel Assembly For Complete Beginners
Here is the schematic diagram showing how everything interconnects: TechZone Gen3 Electronics Schematic

Z-axis issues

Here is a photo showing that the nut which lifts the X-carriage is much thinner than the material where it is mounted. I felt like having this much play would be a problem, so I cut out several layers of thin cardboard and stacked them in on top of the nut to fill out the empty space. (Pay no attention to the washers shown - that was a false-start.)