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Release status: Prototype

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BigRep large scale RepStrap
CAD Models
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Le BigRep(Ikarus)

An approach of building a large scale 1m³ printing RepStrap kind of fabricator.

The primary idea is to build a big 3dprinter which would produce large objects with a 1 m3 max. dimension.

- the buildarea is 1m³ (big enough for printing a chair, a table, prosthetics, parts for humanoid robots, everything you need)

The design incorporates aluminum-beams which are cheap and obtainable in hardware stores (nothing fancy) and has only a few parts which you need to produce/fab yourself. This allows you to easily alter the length of the aluminum-beams and build a bigger or smaller machine while using the same mechanical parts. X-Y mechanism with toolhead(s) slides on 4 round, hollow aluminum bars in z-direction driven by 4 12mm threaded rods (standard from the hardware-store), with timing-pulleys and a drive-belt.

Speed is an issue when printing larger objects, belt driven movements and maybe a bowdenextruder will try to produce acceptable printing speeds.


It is fitted for 3 nema23 with 190Ncm, 76cm length, which should work with the RepRap gen3 electronics.


  • Including a place for the endstops in the CAD
  • ..


if anyone wonders...

-Le BigRep stands for Leipzig BigRep ..but actually it sounds like "Le BigMac" and reminds me of Pulp Fiction where they talk about quaterpounders with cheese.

-Ikarus is the workingname of the second design approach


The wishlist includes:

  • Milling ( at least foam milling should be possible )
  • Multiple Toolheads
  • even if some people will"LOL", Supportmaterial (Cheap and recyclable),no sorry.. beer will not be its main ingredient
  • 3D-scanning