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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Lipsker Technology

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Working Notes. This is a stub!

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The development and prototype are unique and it differentiates from any other existing methods by doing the following:

  • it takes any wire, thread, line or chord of any diameter and section
  • it takes any existing thread or chord material
  • it glues or welds it creating 3d layers of following geometry
  • it can build limitless envelopes (including a real size house)
  • it is not constrained to start building horizontally, IE: it can start at any surface and at any angle
  • It does not require any closed environment
  • Its accuracy and repetitive were around 0.1 mm
  • the wires may be dynamically welded, stitched, glued or adhered
  • the glues used may vary from single to bi-components and from heat to UV, from pre-preg to short wave.
  • the system was built showing absolute results and was filmed by the Israeli Television - for the innovation and uniqueness.
  • the smoothing results achieved were in direct relation to the wires diameter and the blob of adhesive between them
  • the sytem includes an openGL and VCPP written software which analyses and creates the multiple paths for the wires - all as a single loop


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