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RepRap Luna v0.1

Release status: prototype

RepRap Luna v0.1
GPL v2
CAD Models
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Luna is a new RepRap machine which doesnt use threaded rods and has only a few small thick sheet parts, so a true RepRap.
I wanted to have a universal construction element (round tube) and all the rest should be in plastic parts (so we can upgrade / print new ones easily).
So all the complexity is put in the plastic parts, therefor this design is very upgradeble and independant of thick sheet suppliers etc.
All tubing is standard central heating tubing (or alu tubing or any tube can be used, like wood etc.)


RepRap Luna is the latest RepRap 3D printer in development by


Q: Where did the name Luna came from?
A: Google for "Orca Luna" or "killer whale called Luna" and you will understand

More Pictures

  • Luna01.jpg

This was proto1 build from aluminium tubes and plastic parts (tight fit) assembled with just a hammer, but it was a bit too tight as you can see on the damaged plastic parts, however assembly was fast!

  • Luna02.jpg

This was proto2 build from central heating tube (steel round 15mm) and plastic parts bolted together.

After building the first prototypes.. i realised how cool this concept is, the applications are much more then just a 3D printer, suddenly I can build chairs / party-tents etc with only small plastic parts and one universal connecting element (round tube)..

ps1: there are only three different plastic parts so far, and we have the frame and the moving YZ ready...
ps2. Luna will be my hobby project, we (probably) wont sell it anytime soon, (but we will release plastic files in few weeks/months). For sales & workshops we will focus on Orca, but in near future we will probably have two printers, one easy to build, and insane stiff and one that is a bit more weak but that is a true reprap and can be easily upgraded / changed. But dont think that Luna replaces Orca, like i said Orca has now become an adult / finished, and Luna has just been born..
ps3 imagine upscaling of Luna... you just need thicker tubes (wall thickness goes to inside) and you can scale it super-easy ;)

ps4 all mechanical / electronic parts of Luna will be based on Orca 0.43