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Release status: working

MakerMex MM1
CAD Models
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MakerMex is a Mexican 3d printer manufacturing and development company manufactures and sells 3D printers, it was founded in 2012, nowadays MakerMex leading 3d printing company. [Makermex Wiki]

Our developments

MakerMex manufactures a new modular 3D printer, the MM1, the first of it's class, you can purchase it at if you're in Mexico or if you're anywhere else.

The First MM1 was made with our Prusa i3, and now our MM1 is replicating more MM1’s. "We love Open Source Technology, and our company was founded using open source technology."

With your help, we can make the MM1 the next generation of RepRaps. We will also post the MM1 platform source files on the RepRap website because RepRap started the 3D printer revolution, and we want to support it further.


Current Modules

-Single Extruder J head (MakerMex)

-Double Extruder J head (MakerMex)

-High Temperature Module Hexagon (MakerMex)

-Paste extrusion (MakerMex)

-Flexible module (MakerMex)

-Light Duty CNC Module (Makermex)

-Plotter (Makermex)

Under Development:

-Laser Engraver (MakerMex)

-Pick and Place (MakerMex)

-3D scanner Bed

-Wifi Connectivity and control

  • Feel free to develop and add your own Modules :)


The .STL files of the base system of the MM1 are available for download at the following page: Assembly Manual and BOM are in Makermex Wiki [Makermex Wiki]


Here are some pictures of the MM1 and the new extruders.


Paste extruder for chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic, and other pastes for experimenting .
"center" Single extruder attachment (left) and dual extruder attachment (right).
The back part of the MM1.

Extrude Materials

Play doh skull printed with our paste extruder.
Mud flower pot printed with our paste extruder.
Chocolate skull printed in out paste extruder.