Maximus XL 3D Printer

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This 3D printer is fully scalable , so if you need a big printing surface you can build it.

This work is still in progress .

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Maximus XL 3D Printer

Release status: Working

How to build a Maximus XL 3D Printer
CAD Models
External Link

This page represents an example development page and showcases many features that can be used in creating new development pages.

This XL 3D printer is build with openbuild extrusion. It use 20x20 , 20x60 and 20x80 vslot extrusions. Based dimensions are 500x500x500 , but you can scale them as you want ( why not 1m x1m x 0,5m)


Build a fully scalable 3D printer

Big printing area

Low cost as possible

Build with a minimum of specifics parts

And of course Opensource


Size 500mm x 500mm x 500mm

Big Printing area

Bed Autoleveling function

Print PLA ( and ABS with an optionnal heated bed)

Bowden Hotend (E3D V6)

Fast Movement ( thanks to openbuild products )

Wireless with a raspberry pi

attractive appearance ( for me ...)


Forum thread?,374734

Files and Parts


5 mm Aluminium  plate
You need  2 Maximus E3D retainer , 1 printed in PLA and 1 in aluminium , thickness of each part must be 3mm

First Print

Raspberry Pi addon.

First print for the Maximus XL 3D printer

<videoflash type="youtube">vu_Uf3a5s4g</videoflash>