Mendel assembly data sheet

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The "Mendel assembly data sheet" contains all of the critical assembly data you need for mechanical assembly. You can find assembly data quickly, and also upload improvements when you find them - specifically information on cheaper suppliers.

Current tabs on the data sheet include:

  • BOM (Bill of materials)
  • Lengths
  • Notes
  • Costing
  • Specifications


The following download is in Open Office format:

If you are prepared to share any improvements you find along the way please check out the following section.


If you are prepared to share any improvements you find along the way please register with the wiki now (there is a spam-prevention cooling period after registration) and check out the following section. We greatly appreciate any improvement on assembly data - particularly in better, cheaper, local suppliers. Your contributions will improve the expereince for all the builders that follow you.

When updating the spreadsheet, please remember that this is a public document and ensure that your additions are:

  • Efficient to naviagate
  • Thorough/correct (use the 'insert note' feature over cells where appropriate)
  • Hyperlinked where possible
  • For supplier's parts please display the link as the part number, this way if the link dies the part can still be traced manually with the part number on the supplier's site.

Before uploading, please ensure your additions are pasted into a freshly downloaded copy. This is important to ensure that you don't save over anyone else's changes!

To upload your new data sheet, click here.

Oh, and on behalf of the RepRap community - thanks ;-)