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Release status: unknown

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documenting an electron beam sintering tool head and high vacuum chamber.(at first phase development stage).
CAD Models
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MetalicaRap Working Notes

This has 5 elemets; electron gun, High Vacuum chamber, roughing pump, oil diffusion pump and metal powder dispenser.

Design Discussion Electron gun 3KW hot cathode gun

High vacuum chamber Stainless steel High vacuum ten to the minus 5 Tor / (mm mercury)

Roughing pump Vane pump ( initially purchased)

Oil diffusion pump using existing home build design

metal powder dispenser options include ; screw/ trough design; feed chamber build chamber; others

A rough sketch made in Blender of a vacuum chamber made from hexagonal parts printed in a MetalicaRap. Anders Vacuumchamber.jpg


Forum thread?

Current status

Current tech team; 3 software developers, Ultra high vacuum metal deposition specialist, High voltage system designer. We are particularly looking out for experienced accelerator/electronmicroscope designers for electron gun development.

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