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Release status: Experimental

Electron beam sintering tool head (EBS) and high vacuum chamber.(early development phase).
CAD Models
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MetalicaRap Working Notes

This has 5 elemets; electron gun, High Vacuum chamber, roughing pump, oil diffusion pump and metal powder dispenser.

Design Discussion Electron gun 3KW 10.5 KV hot cathode gun

High vacuum chamber Stainless steel High vacuum 10-5 Tor / (mm mercury) NiCr Alloy (10-16) Hexagonalx40 halfhexagonalx16 endpiecesx16 384 bolts copper wire, future ; airlock so print while repump, main door Viton O ring (Euro ).

Roughing pump Vane pump ( initially purchased)

Oil diffusion pump using existing EBS build design

metal powder dispenser options include ; screw/ trough design; feed chamber build chamber; others

A rough sketch made in Blender of a vacuum chamber made from hexagonal parts printed in a MetalicaRap. Anders



Forum thread?

Current status

Electron gun test repstrap vacuum chamber including pumps and gauges under electircal maintenance. Current tech team; 3 software developers, Ultra high vacuum metal deposition specialist, High voltage system designer. We are particularly looking out for experienced electron gun designers (accelerator/electronmicroscope).

Looking for someone in Harrah's Reno, NV, USA who might have time to attend the conference on our behalf. '"Registration ebeam 2010»ebeam - International Conference on High-Power Electron Beam Technology« is the foremost forum for electron beam technology.Following the success of ebeam2008, Mr. Robert Bakish, VON ARDENNE and ALD will maintain this conference as an important event for the EB community. The conference will once again take place at its historic location at Harrah's Reno, NV, USA from October 24 to 26, 2010 to review the progress and achievements in high-power electron beam technology."'

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Files and Parts

Sub Assemblies and Related

EBS=Elcectron beam sinterer.

sequence - electron gun parts repstrapped EBS. Assembled tested in repstrap vacuum chamber. Metal powder deposition mechanism parts repstraped EBS . Gun depoosition assembled tested. MetalicarapVacuumChamber parts Electron beam sintered by our system. MetalicarapVacuumchamber assembled tested. 5 Elements assembled and tested.


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