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Release status: development

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Space efficient cartesian 3D printer
CAD Models
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Design motivation

  • Large print volume with low construction volume.
  • Fixed bed (for printing thin and high objects).
  • Coverable (covers can be placed directly on the frame).
  • Simple design (easy to build, no custom HW needed).
  • Most parts reused from a Prusa i3 style printer

Construction advantages

  • Less space on desk
  • Lighter construction
  • Faster chamber heating and lower heat losses

Typical elements

  • Bed is ~20 mm above the basement.
  • Construction width is by ~130 mm wider (only) than bed width.
  • X axis is attached to Y axis.
  • Y axis is attached to Z axis.
  • Z axis is attached to frame.

Source of material

The goal is to convert Prusa i3 style printer (extruder on X on Z axis, bed on Y axis) into cubic case with fixed bed. At the same time keeping the outer dimensions small with flat sides of frame to attach covers. Unfortunately, you have to buy some parts to achieve small footprint while preserving sturdiness of the frame and axes.