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Crystal Clear action run.pngMulbot
Description A mostly printed printer that utilizes 3D printed recirculating bearing ball housings and 3D printed kinematics for motion.
License GPL
Team Members 3DPrintingworld
Based-on Unknown
Files GitHub Thingiverse
Forum Mostly Printed Printers FB Group
Categories Category:3D printers
Machine Specifications
Current Version DL1.0
Dimensions Length: 461mm
Width: 377mm
Height: 402mm
Build Envelope Length: 200mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 150mm
Materials Printed PLA, TPU, PETG
Replication No
Build Cost (≈) $250-300
Technology FFF

This article is about the Mulbot Printer.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the current home for community generated documentation (Please Contribute!).

The Mulbot is an open source Mostly Printed 3D printer that features a 3D printed frame, bearing blocks, and drive systems. The original goal for this project is to further push the Rep Rap concept and to 3D print more than just the frame. As a result there are no purchased bearing assembles or drive systems on this printer.

This printer utilizes square rail type 3D printed housings for linear bearings. Since the bearings and rails are printed they have been integrated into the frame members. 4.5mm G100 Stainless Steel bearings balls are used to recirculate through the bearing housings to reduce fiction and to provide preload to remove bushing slop.

All three of the printers drive systems are 3D printed as well. The Y-axis is driven by a 3D printed herringbone gear rack and pinion. The combination of 3D printed drive and idle pulleys and a TPU belt drive the X-axis hot end carriage. While the Z-axis utilizes 3D printed trapezoidal lead screws and nuts to translate the hotend vertically.


Print Surface:

  • 8-1/2” Square Floating Glass Bed

Print size:

  • 175mm x 200mm x 150mm (dual fan shroud)
  • 145mm x 200mm x 150mm (surround shroud)

Required Print Volume:

  • 250mm x 210mm x 210mm

The original Mulbot was printed on a Original Prusa MK3

Filament Used

  • Everything is designed to be printed out of PLA with the exception of the TPU timing belt.
  • Uses less then 2kg of filament.

Non-Printed Parts

Files and Documentation