North90's hot-end V2

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Easy to build Hot End V2 by North90ty

Release status: Working

North9o he v2 finished.jpg
Easy to build Hot End V2 by North90ty
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This is an upgrade of: North90's hot-end This Hot End is designed to be build with simple tools and without the need for great engineering skills.

North9o he v2 finished.jpg

Thermal design


Tools and supplies

  • Drill + drill bits
  • Vice
  • Tube-cutter
  • File(s)
  • Cutting oil (olive oil works great)

  • Stainless steel tube with an outside diameter of 1/4" (6.35mm), thin wall diameter
  • PTFE tube 1/8"(3.18mm)(3.5mm is fine too) inner diameter and 1/4" (6.35mm) outer diameter
  • welding nozzle (0.6mm)
  • Piece of aluminium sheet 5-6mm thick

North90 he v2 parts.jpg

North90 he v2 drill tip.jpg

North9o he v2 drill needle.jpg

North90 he v2 pull needle.jpg

North90 he v2 sharpen tip.jpg

North90 he v2 reduce tip.jpg

North90 he v2 finished tip.jpg

How to get the Hot End to print

  • Clean out all parts. You do not want pieces of metal to jam in the nozzle.
  • Add the heater and temperature sensor of your liking.
  • Mount to your extruder.
  • Print.