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Below is a table listing on-site 3D printing support providers. This may be freelance individuals, or businesses, in a particular locale. They may offer services such as:

  • Printer building services
  • Software installation
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting

These services may not be free; make sure you check before committing to anything!

List of on-site support

The list is sortable, so you can find the support providers by location, if they are not already in order.

Country Region/City Provider website/email Services Additional notes Reviews
UK London Example entry http://forums.reprap.org/index.php Building, Installation, Training, Troubleshooting £20 per hour Reviews
UK Ash Vale, Surrey GU12 Escher Technologies http://miscsolutions.wordpress.com, dcrocker ?at? eschertech.com Advice, Troubleshooting, Electronics, Firmware Rate negotiable
Canada Toronto, GTA 2-4-7.ca 2-4-7.ca Building, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Training Rate negotiable Reviews
Netherlands, the Friesland, Groningen Koenputer reprap -AT- koenblank.nl Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Training, Advice Rate negotiable Reviews