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For big prints with less detail, we developed a nozzle that can print up to 3mm walls, in one go.

"We" is a 3d printing company in the Netherlands, "huur een 3d" that rents 3d printers and also has a print-service.

To get an idea of the capabilities of this nozzle, let's look at some figures:

 nozzle diameter:        2.5mm
 layer:                  0.5mm
 print speed:            100mm/s
 flow rate: 2.5x0.5x100= 125mm3/s

compared to more standard settings:

 nozzle diameter:       0.6mm
 layer:                 0.2mm
 print speed:            75mm/s
 flow rate: 0.6*0.2*75 = 9mm3/s

so a ten-fold increase in flow rate is achievable, or: 10 times faster printing.

FIXME: add photograph.