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Hello. this is just sketchpad noting various sources of materials to build cheap repstrap on teritory of poland and using polish suppliers.

for now this will be messy stack of links , which i will expand into future with photos and quality/price/shipping ratings.

if you want to add your content, please add your nick to the lists.

my idea for layout is

table of contents linking to part type/group

then each part should be grouped according to nick added like

curious's picks :

http://somecompany/somepage - [comment] http://someothercompany/someotherpage - [someother comment] etc...

this way i would like to prevent spamming and flagging responsible person for his recommendations.

for now it'll be just my mess, not sorted in TOC yet :

curious's picks :

http://www.techrol.eu/ - supplier of bearings used in agriculture. not very precise but cheap. good source of 608 bearings.

http://www.lispol.com/ - supplier of electronic parts. moderately expensive but supplies many hard to obtain parts and does it really fast.

http://tme.com.pl - supplier of electronic parts. really expensive but has very wide choice of microcontrollers.

www.prototypy.pl - PCB fab. very expensive but fairly reliable.

http://www.bimex.biz.pl/ - bolts, nuts, washers. they sell via allegro.pl . moderately priced and quickly shipping. no problem with small amounts.