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Ponoko RepRap - Installing The Y Axis

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The Y axis needs to be clamped between two uprights. One of the uprights are the 500mm rods which extend up through the Upper Corners. You'll add another post to the Upper Corners.

The other upright rods can be anything 8mm diameter and over 70mm long. I'm using a mix of 80mm long, 8mm diameter smooth steel and M8 threaded rod offcuts.

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Secure the <part>80mm long 8mm diameter steel</part> Y post with <part>two M5 nut</part>s and <part>two M5 8mm grub screw</part>s.



Loosen the M8 nut on the Y Idler enough to place the two Y posts between the plates. Tighten it finger-tight.


Loosen the M3 screws and slide the Y Motor Mount over the two Y posts. Tighten.


After you finish with the Y Motor Mount, go to the other end of this shaft and tighten its M3 screws.

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-- Main.VikOlliver - 28 Nov 2008