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Portable Skeinforge

Release status: Experimental

A portable version of Skeinforge
GNU Affero General Public License
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Thumb drive executable Skeinforge. It does not touch your home directory, and saves all changes locally. You do not need to have Python installed to run this, so will run on any computer, even those where you do not have permissions to install Python (for example locked-down work machines). Use the exe file on Windows machines (that have no Python installed by default) and the skeinforge.py file as usual on Mac OS or Linux.

Why use it?

This is a compiled version of Skeinforge which provides some functionality not available in standard Skeinforge 40:

  • Able to run in Windows from an .exe file
  • The settings are saved into the same directory that you uncompress the file, so it allows you to run as many different versions of skeinforge as you want without them clobbering each other's profiles.
  • Python is compiled into the .exe so you can run this skeinforge on a machine without Python installed, which makes use of skeinforge on public computers much easier.

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