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DIY Build Method as used by BodgeIt for RepStraping from 2007 - 2010.

Print out the PDF DXF drawings to scale on a Printer. Laser printer or Inkjet printer.

Cut out the parts including the outlines or if neded stick multilpe prints together to create a full part image.

This method works best using MDF as it is easy to cut with a craft knife, chisel, hacksaw, dremel.

Select your MDF sheet stick the outline you want to make onto it using a Glue stick.

Drill all the required holes.

Now start cutting out the shape using a craft knife or any tool you prefer.

Make your self a Cupstrap (aka Pirated CupCake) or BasicMendel or Huxley Seedling or any other FlatPack RepStrap using this method.


Basic tools:- Printer, Glue Sticks, Electric Drill with stand, Hack saw, Sharp Chisels, metric drills, Hand saw, craft Knife / Stanley Knife.

Advanced tools:- Pedestal Drill, Chop Saw, Dremel, router, Jigsaw, Band saw, Scroll saw any electric cutting tool.


Thanks to Makerbot for the sharing of their drawings on Thingyverse

I will add the thingyverse thing number I made this quite a while ago and have forgoten which version I used.