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This is the outline that new 'Official' printer designs should follow, or at least largely follow, so that there is some consistency in how information is presented. It gives a road map for prospective editors, so that they know where to put tidbits of information.

Electronics are not covered, and I think should not be covered, in the printer build instructions. Electronics development and construction is it's own beast and should have a similar outline to this one.

Warnings and cautions should be sprinkled liberally throughout the instructions, as people are likely to skip any dedicated warnings page. New users need to learn of the many ways they can kill or injure themselves and others and destroy property with this seemingly benign hobby.

Please feel free to edit and flesh out this outline, but remember that it need to encompass as wide a range of designs as possible, so don't get too specific in this page; Create a separate outline page for that particular design, i.e. Prusa Build Instructions Outline.

Also feel free to comment in the discussion page.


  1. Intro
    1. design goals
    2. who should build this model/why
  2. Build instructions
    1. procurement
      1. Materials
      2. dimensions
      3. RP parts files
      4. Electronics options- links to electronics wiki pages that support this printer
        1. Firmware options- links to firmware wiki pages that support supported electronics
    2. Assembly
      1. Frame
      2. ... Progression depends on particulars of machine
      3. Final assembly
    3. Calibration
      1. First print walk-through
      2. Ta-Da! Now help make these instructions better!
      3. design specific troubleshooting
  3. Using the printer- resources pages
    1. Modeling tools
    2. basic tools
    3. OpenSCAD
    4. Community
  4. Updates/Upgrades/Advancements
    1. Printer-specific development index
    2. How to contribute