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ProtoBots is a RepRap based robotic fighting game originally conceved by Spacexula of Fablocker Hackerspace and hardik of Charlotte Hackerspace.


4foot x 4foot with a net over the top made of at least 1/2 inch plywood, floor must be smooth.

Robot requirements:


The bots must all be powered by a 6 cell Lipo battery provided by all teams playing. You draw your battery at random before each fight


The robot can be no more than 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. At least 60% of it's mass much be RP Parts (any material that was printed on a reprap is allowed)


You are only allowed to purchase $100 worth of items to produce the bot. receipts must be presented to the satisfaction of the judges before the fight.

Open Source:

The day before the fight your design must be uploaded to the RepRap wiki or to Thingiverse, giving a full BOM, and all STL used in the bot.