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Release status: production

Simple cost effective RepStrap
CAD Models
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The production design is ready! Please visit my webpage at BobsCNC


This RepStrap is an attempt to create a simple cost effective design. The objective is to create a kit that has all the hardware needed for xyz motion. Steppers, electronics , and an extruder can be added to complete the printer

Design Objectives

  • 5 ply 6 mm plywood construction
  • 8 mm steel shafts of smooth rod for linear motion
  • 8 mm LM8UU linear bearings
  • 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm build area
  • Spectra fishing line drive
  • Fabricate mechanical hardware in less than 2 hours
  • Minimal part count

Current Status - Progress will be slow due to the need for employment (I have a full time job).

  • 12/1/13 Cut the extruder mount and assembled the extruder. I have not tried this out yet.
    • I bought some of the extruder parts from ohpakron on Ebay.
    • I bought the SMC KQ2H04-01AS Brass Push-to-Connect on Amazon
    • I made the threaded Peek, threaded aluminum, and nut.
  • 12/8/13 Cut several of the plywood parts today. Table table and x motion are assembled and move nicely.
  • 12/12/13 Cut the remaining plywood parts today. Machined the UHMW, cut the M6 threaded rods to length and put the parts together.
  • 1/26/14 Added stepper motors, controller and power supply.

Current Part List

A lot of the parts can be purchased. The 8 mm shafts and M6 threaded rod will need to be cut to length. The z axis bearing support is a UHMW part which needs to be machined. The rest of the parts can be easily fit on a 20" x 30" piece of plywood and cut with a CNC router\laser.

Needed Parts For Kit

# Part Name Description Procurement Type Quantity
1 Side frame 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 2
2 Top brace 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 2
3 Bottom brace 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 2
4 Table 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 1
5 Top motor mount 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 2
6 Bottom motor mount 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 1
7 Extruder mount 6 mm 5 ply plywood Make 1
8 Z bearing support 25.4 mm x 25.4 mm x 66 mm UHMW Make 2
9 Linear rail 8 mm drill rod 300 mm long Make (cut to length) 6
10 Linear bearing 8 mm LM8UU Buy 8
11 Spectra fishing line for driving x and y axis Buy 1
12 623VV bearing bearing for driving y axis Buy 1
13 M6 threaded insert for driving z axis Buy 2
14 M6 threaded rod for driving z axis Make (cut to length) 2
15 Coupler 5 mm x 6 mm coupler for driving z axis Buy 2
16 Hardware To be determined Buy +

Additional Parts Needed