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Most of the current members of the RUG meet up at the Connected Communities Hacker Space. There is nothing stating that you need to be a member of CCHS to be a member of the Melbourne RUG. It's just a convenient meeting place, plus CCHS are also interested in 3D printing and the Reprap project.

Connected Communities Hacker Space (CCHS) is located in Hawthorn nearby to Glenferrie station. To become a member of CCHS costs AUD $60/year, however mailing list membership is free.


CCHS usually meets every Tuesday night 6pm to 10pm, plus Saturday mornings 9:30am to 12:30pm. - See the CCHS website for more details.

CCHS now has a 3D printing group that meets on the first and third Monday's of the month between 6pm and 10pm. More information can be found at meetup.

Local Suppliers

Supplier information has now been moved to the Australian Suppliers page.


Please note
Criteria for membership is as follows:
  • Live or reside in Victoria, Australia (or nearby)
  • Add your name to this wiki page
There are no other criteria!
As there are no Tasmanian or South Australian RUGs yet, Tasmanians and South Australians are welcome in MRUG.


Current projects that people are working on, broken down by owner:

  • Mendel : Most construction finished. Constructing a heated bed for it, and modifying the setup for 24V operation. Using Arduino Mega/RAMPS electronics.
  • WolfStrap/Repstrap : Frame built and tested. Z axis sticks a little so it may require a bit more tweaking. Arduino Mega/RAMPS V1.1 Boards built and tested. Extruder has arrived, thanks to Kliment
  • RAMPS Thermocouple : Hooking up a thermocouple to a RAMPS board using a MAX6675. Finished max6675 board, should stack with kliments sdcard board. tested the max6675 by itself, working ok with the sprinter firmware. I need to get a SDcard board now to test the stacking.
  • First print test had limited success, basic printing happened but the bed was slipping (fixed by tightening the pulley) but the big issue was that it resulted in the hotend leaking and breaking the ptfe, so I have ordered a new nozzle/hotend and am awaiting delivery. 10/6/11, new nozzle has arrived.

First prints out at 11/06/11. OK quality, better than I expected. Over the queens birthday I have managed to get some pretty satisfactory prints. I am having heat issues with the wades stepper motor but other than that the wolfstrap seems to be working ok. Now it's software tweaking. so very link title happy 18/6/11, I started playing with skeinforge, I have had some good prints with the initial settings. much better than repsnapper. Simply getting a working print eliminated the stringing. But it has also introduced some new issues. the main problem being I seem to get inconsistent prints from the printer. seemingly missing parts of the gcode. but the missing bits seem to be consistent. so i dont think its a hardware issue .

Drilled a hole in the extruder mounting platform and mounted a pen and I have been able to use it to plot the first few layers of the prints correctly. Also investigating plotting PCB's but I am having issues with scaling when using method. it is printing about 1/8 of the correct size.

  • Currently printing parts for 3 Prusa's, rbritt, CCHS and myself. 15/8/11 3 sets of parts printed for the 3 prusa's. with the LM8uu parts instead of the standard parts in some locations.
  • Prusa : Assembling of printed and electronic parts for construction. CCHS has access to a Makerbot Cupcake, and has been steadily producing parts. A number of CCHS members have donated other parts (circuit boards, electronic components, rods/fasteners, etc). Plan is currently to use an Arduino Mega/RAMPS electronics due to the components that have been donated (now partially constructed). [[User:Cefiar|Cefiar] is currently the team leader for this project at CCHS, however Scorpia and Rbritt are currently doing a lot of the work. Details of the project also maintained on the CCHS 3DPrinting page.

We currently have the frame for a Prusa built and have steaming though the assembly as fast as we can print the parts.

  • Mendel : RepRap built and working. Have been maintaining a build blog as I go along. Using Repic electronics.
  • Mini prusa : In the process of printing the parts and acquiring the vitamins.
  • Huxley : Total refit to mini Prusa design.
  • Prusa : Project completed.
  • OzBot : This is my entry for the Gada Prize - Design staged completed, Will start to print main parts now my Prusa is finished.
  • One peice hotend : Stalled due to CNC project for my mini-lathe.
  • DIY CNC Mill : Starting to collect parts to build a small CNC drill mill/Router. Main object is to have a CNC platform that can drill PCb and mill timber using a routor.
  • DIY CNC Lathe : Collecting parts, making conversion parts.
  • Mini Prusa : To design a smaller version of the Prusa. 80% parts designed, just need to print and test the parts.
  • LaserCut Mendel : Purchased, built, set to work and improved with self-printed parts.
  • Broken Heart Gear Cluster : Printed the first version. Making improvements for a better one. Looking for someone to improve the model of the heart shape.
  • Kinetic Horse : This looks awesome and I want to print one. Just looking into mechanical linkage design at this stage.
  • Heater Block For Glass Nozzle : Now that I have made a heater block that looks like it will work I'm designing a Wades that this will mount to.
  • Mendel : Parts on order. Using the Arduino Mega/RAMPS electronics and most likely polyurethane cast plastic parts.
  • GranuleExtruder : Have attempted to construct a HDPE granular extruder using an auger drill bit. More info on this build blog
  • Is currently designing and building a new repstrap named the Gunstrap
  • Big Mendel : Think of a Mendel that is over 3ft per triangle side and using M12 rod. That's what he's building. Frame is assembled.
  • Old Tile Hot End : Trying old tiles in place of PEEK on the new thermal barrier.
  • Prusa : currently assembling a Prusa printer to learn the technology to help with the Big Mendel
  • RepMan 3.1 [1] completed, [2] documented]
  • Prusa : Decided to build after looking on for over a year.
  • Build is 100% Complete - I decided to go with the Linear meteric version with wades extruder.
  • Electronics I went with the Ramps 1.4 and Opto end stops as well as an SDRAMPS.
  • Aluminium print bed mount plate and Mk1 heater.
  • The hot end I decided on was the Budaschnozzle 1.1
  • LCD & Click Encoder installed and working in stand alone.
  • Upgrading to Wade's open extruder and Duel Fan's
  • LongboatPrusa : kit from The RepRap Kit Store with LM8UU Linear Bearings
  • Sanguinololu electronics.
  • Completed build, but due to catastrophic hotend failure (PLA leak into brass heat block and sheared PTFE barrel), awaiting new J-Head Mk IV-B.
  • Wilson : This is my first build. Currently working on the WilsonTS