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Australian Suppliers

We've broken up the page into a number of sections to make it easier to find the stuff you need. Feel free to add reputable suppliers as you find/purchase from them.

  1. Some of the suppliers here are not "Australian owned", but they all have offices in Australia. Some places may ship parts from overseas to fill an order. Most places deliver anywhere in Australia, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Any prices listed here are indicative only, and should be checked for correctness before ordering. reprap
  3. Cheaper prices at overseas websites may be announced in IRC (see also wikipedia's entry on IRC), however shipping costs may eclipse any savings. While you are in IRC, you can ask if 'whatever website' is a reputable retailer. Caveat emptor should still apply when shopping online.

Some suppliers have discounts for members of the Australian RUG

  • MorelliTech 10% off! enter the coupon AUSRUG at checkout.

Reprap/3D Specific Suppliers

These suppliers specifically sell to the 3D printing community, usually targetting Reprap or related 3D printing systems. They may not always be the cheapest, but what they do carry is specifically targetted at our community.

Full kits

  • SA Aus3D - Aus3D Mark2 Kits
  • VIC Makerlab - Prusa i3, Delta, BEEPRUSA, Wanhao kits. FREE SHIPPING.
  • VIC Kad3D - DIY kits and Plug 'n Print 3D Printers.

Printed Parts

  • VIC Zeal3DPrinting - A Perfect Way To Shape Your Idea With 3D Print Service.
  • VIC Kad3D - Anything 3D printed! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • VIC Oz3Dprint - Prusa i3 printed parts, (Single or Box frame versions). Also happy to print any other random part.
  • NSW Create3D - Prusa Iteration 2 kit with substantial modifications and substitutions to improve ease of build and robustness. Also happy to print any other random part.
  • QLD -=( 3dindustries )=- - rework parts, single frame and box frame parts available in near future can print sets to customers requirements
  • SA MorelliTech - Prusa i2 and i3 kits including modifications for ease of assembly and reliability, choice of extruders. Spare printer parts and happy to print any other parts.
  • QLD Prototyp3d - i3 kits, slightly modified to reduce additional drilling and comes with modified no-hob extruder design

Hot Ends/Extruders

Hot Ends:

  • VIC Extrude3D - Hot ends using their own derivative of a J-head design, with nozzles from 0.25mm to 0.5mm, for 3mm and 1.75mm filament, and 12V or 24V setups. Also sell printed herringbone gears to suit a Wades extruder.
  • NSW Create3D - Genuine Mk V-B J-heads (3mm) and MakerGear Hot End pack (3mm)
  • NSW Bilby3D - MkII design J-heads (3mm) and various bits for all sorts of hot end designs.
  • NSW - Multiple Types
  • QLD -=( 3dindustries )=- genuine makers of the Aluhotend 1.75mm 3mm
  • QLD Robotronics - Genuine J-Head Mk V-BV hotends (3mm) and Magma all metal hotends (3mm).
  • QLD Prototyp3d - Merlin hotends, comes with 3 swappable nozzles.
  • SA Aus3D - Genuine E3D-V6, along with assorted spares and parts.

Heated Beds

Heated Beds:


  • VIC Maker Store - Bearings, GT2 & GT3 timing belts and gears, pulleys
  • VIC Zeal3DPrinting - Bearings, Gears.
  • VIC 3D Printer Bits - Bearings, GT2 Belts and Gears.
  • VIC Extrude3D - Bearings, MXL Belts and Gears.
  • NSW cultivate3d - Bearings, GT2, Filament Drive Gears
  • NSW Bilby3D - Bearings, T2.5, T5 and XL Belts and Gears.
  • NSW Oz Reprap Supplies - Bearings, T2.5 and T5 Belts and Gears.
  • NSW 3dtek - GT2 Belts and Gears.
  • WA OpenLAB - GT2 Pulleys and Belts.
  • QLD Robotronics - GT2 belts and gears, Bearings.
  • QLD Prototyp3d - LM8UU, 608, 624, R2zz bearings.
  • SA MorelliTech - 608zz bearings, LM8UU, LM6UU GT2 & MXL belts and pulleys.
  • SA Aus3D - LM8UU, LM10UU, 624ZZ and 608ZZ bearings. Also stock GT2 belts and pulleys.
  • VIC Fabricature - LM8UU, 624ZZ, 608ZZ Bearings, GT2 Belt and Pulleys


stepper motors:

  • VIC Maker Store - NEMA17, NEMA23 Stepper Motors, couplers, other hardware and electronics
  • VIC 3D Printer Bits - NEMA17 Stepper Motors.
  • NSW cultivate3d - NEMA 17 Steppers 64 and 84
  • NSW Bilby3D - NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17, NEMA23 and even NEMA34 Stepper Motors. Also carry a NEMA17 with metal gearbox already attached.
  • NSW Oz Reprap Supplies - NEMA17 Stepper Motors.
  • NSW 3DTek - NEMA17 & 23 Stepper Motors.
  • QLD Robotronics - NEMA17 Stepper Motors.
  • QLD -=( 3dindustries )=-
  • QLD Prototyp3d - NEMA17
  • SA MorelliTech - NEMA 17 Stepper motors with 700mm cables with connectors (Plugs straight into a RAMPS board) |5 for $75|
  • SA Aus3D - NEMA 17 Stepper motors, different sizes / torques, include detachable cables wired for RAMPS


  • VIC Maker Store - Micro Switches and mounting brackets for V-Slot or T-Slot, CNC Shield, Stepper drivers, Arduinos, cable and more.
  • VIC Zeal 3D Printing - Keyboards, cases, enclosures as well as other electronic parts.
  • VIC 3D Printer Bits - Stepstick stepper drivers.
  • NSW cultivate3d - RAMPS 1.4, RUMBA, Fans, Wiring, Thermistors etc.
  • NSW Oz Reprap Supplies - RAMPS 1.4 PCB's.
  • NSW Bilby3D - RAMPS 1.4, Gen6, Pololu A4988 stepper drivers, Arduino Megas.
  • NSW 3DTek - RAMPS, stepper drivers, Stepper motors, Arduinos.
  • QLD Robotronics - RAMPS 1.4, A4988 stepper drivers, Arduino Megas, Thermistors, Cartridge Heaters, Fans, Wiring, Micro Switches.
  • QLD Prototyp3d - Full kits available as well as all individual parts.
  • SA Aus3D - 30, 40 and 50mm Fans, RAMPS 1.4, Arduino MEGA, Ceramic Heater Cartridges, Thermistors, Stepsticks, Microswitches, Endstops, Wiring/Cables



  • Maker Store - Brackets, Low Profile & Button Head Screws, V-Slot, OpenBuilds Plates, threaded rod, wheels, bearings, couplers, ACME threaded rod, precision shims, spacers and many build and joining plates
  • Bunnings - General hardware
  • Zeal 3D Printing - Testing Prototypes, automotive parts.
  • Home Hardware
  • Masters Hardware
  • Mitre 10
  • Bilby3D Stock most of the required mechanical and electronic parts.
  • Prototyp3d - All parts and electronics for i3 stocked
  • Oz Reprap Supplies carries a range of components.
  • 3D Printer Bits For all your 3D Printer Bits and more items as we progress.
  • MorelliTech Bearings, pulleys, belts and other assorted parts at very low cost.
  • Fabricature Pulleys, Belt, Smooth Rods, Bearings, Threaded Rods
  • -=( 3dindustries )=-
  • 3Dtek NSW Carries a range of extrusions including makerslide, ACME threads, wheels, idlers, belts n pulleys





AKA threaded rod or "Booker Rod". Also check Fastener suppliers. Note that any Studding used as a drive rod should always be Stainless Steel. Some people have used Galvanised rod for the frame.

cheaper than 304 in some cases, etc). Worth a look though.


  • VIC Maker Store - 8mm ACME Threaded rod, couplers, bearings and etc.
  • NSW - Acme Threaded rod, couplings, lead nuts etc
  • SA Aus3D - TR8 Leadscrew

Rod/Round Bar

smooth rod:

T-Slot profile

T-Slot is used in the MendelMax design, as well as in the Ord Bot and many Lulzbot designs (eg: TK-0).

  • VIC Maker Store - V-Slot (2020, 2040, 2060, 2080 in 1m and 1.5m lengths) Brackets, Low Profile & Button Head Screws, OpenBuilds Plates, threaded rod, wheels, bearings, Distributor for OpenBuilds,
  • VIC SES Linear Bearings - Aluminium Building System is their 20xNN Extrusion variant, however their T-slot nuts have M4 holes. Have offices in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, SA & NZ.
  • NSW 80/20 Australia - All sorts of Alu profile, not just 80x20.
  • VIC Modular Components - Profile 5 is their 20xNN Extrusion variant.
  • VIC Capral - Lots of extrusion types available. Offices around Aus.
  • VIC RoboUnits - 14mm wide slots on their standard Alu extrusion will suit custom jobs but may prove useless for standard designs. Also have rails designed specifically for linear motion.
  • NSW Australis Engineering - Fairly standard extrusion profiles, however they also carry adjustable joints and connectors.
  • NSW - Extrusions including T Slot / Makerslide




  • SA Aus3D Carbon Steel Compression Springs for Heatbed and Extruder
  • QLD Small Parts and Bearings
  • NSW cultivate3d Compression Springs for Heatbed and Extruder
  • VIC CSW Products Will sell in small quantities at the door. Currently testing C9 and C20 springs for a wades.
  • VIC Whelans Springs May need to place a largeish order.
  • Bunnings Currently testing "Utility Comp Spring C-608" with Adrian's Geared Extruder and spring loading. These springs are somewhat expensive, costing just under $5 for a pack of 3 (the updated nozzle design requires 4). The smaller C-582 springs just manage to fit an M4 bolt but the wire itself is so thin that it occasionally slips through the very narrow gap between an M4 bolt head and its washer; there's also a greater chance of them catching the threads.

"Kapton" Polyimide adhesive film

Kapton Tape:

  • SA Aus3D 200mm Width 33 Metre rolls.
  • VIC 3D Printing Shop - 50mm, 100mm, 200mm [33m rolls] - Free shipping Aus wide.
  • NSW cultivate3d - 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 50mm, 200mm
  • NSW Ultrakeet Mail order Australia wide, they supply 5mm, 10mm and 25mm Tape - 33 Metre rolls.
  • NSW Bilby3D Mail order Australia wide, Supply 6mm,20mm,50mm - 33 Metre rolls. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane stores
  • NSW - 6 & 10mm




Arduino is an open source electronics prototyping platform. "Clones" or "fully compatible Arduino" boards may be available. Use your favourite search engine to find them. Build quality, reliability and after sales support of Arduino clones may vary. Currently (Nov 2011), the Arduino Mega 2560 board (based on the ATmega 2560) is an update to the Arduino Mega (based on the ATmega 1280). Some 1280 based boards are still being sold.

Stepper Motors

stepper motors:

  • NSW NEMA 17 & 23 several sizes
  • NSW cultivate3d NEMA 17 Steppers 64 and 84
  • NSW AusXMods Sell a very powerful NEMA17 and lots of NEMA23 motors.
  • VIC Maker Store
  • VIC HomannDesigns Currently only stock NEMA23 motors. Listed for the future Mendel Apollo makers ;-)
  • VIC OceanControls Have mix of motors, drivers and controllers.
  • WA RobotGear Only seem to carry 2 steppers, one of which is powerful enough for a Mendel or Mendel-variant.
  • WA OpenLAB Nema 17, 48mm and 34mm, both with High Torque and suitable for 3D Printers.
  • QLD Robotronics NEMA 17 stepper motors suitable for 3D printers.
  • SA MorelliTech NEMA 17 stepper motors, High torque for gregs wade extruder, low cost.
  • SA Aus3D NEMA 17 stepper motors, multiple sizes, detachable cables.

Nichrome Wire

Nichrome wire:


Pololu stepper driver board:




Printing Material Suppliers:

  • VIC Makerlab High Quality ABS, PLA, Colorfabb or Taulman. FREE SAMPLE UPON REQUEST.
  • VIC Kad3D Premium ABS/PLA including Colorfabb, Taulman Tough Nylon Plastics and Recreus Filaflex.
  • VIC 3D Printing Shop ABS, PLA, Glow in the dark, Nylon - Black, Natural, White - PC Polycarbonate - range of colours -, Conductive ABS, PETG, POM, Wood filament (1.75mm & 3mm) Free shipping Aus wide.
  • VIC Lybina ABS and PLA in both 3mm and 1.75mm sizes in a variety of colors.
  • VIC 3D Printer Bits ABS in 3mm with 1.75mm upon request.
  • VIC Aurarum ABS, PLA, HIPS, and TPE. All come in a variety of colours for both 1.75mm and 3mm, use coupon "WELCOME" for 5% discount.
  • VIC Plasgroup ABS, PLA, and HIPS in both 3mm and 1.75mm. Since these guys are a wholesaler they do all sorts, best give them a call to see whats available.
  • NSW ABS & Pla 1.75mm & 3.0mm - Verbatim Brand
  • NSW BilbyCNC PLA and ABS in 1.75mm and 3mm in a wide variety of colours and also sell glow in the dark and colour-changing filament.
  • NSW Oz Reprap Supplies PLA and ABS in 1.75mm and 3mm.
  • NSW Create3D ABS in 3mm and 1.75mm. Also used to stock PLA (not listed on their site any more).
  • SA 3DPrinterGear ABS and PLA in 3mm and 1.75mm. Also Laywoo-D3, Taulman 618, 645 Nylon and Crysta-Line Blue/Yellow/Red/Transparent ABS. T-Glase clear, red, blue, green black. Laybrick, Soft PLA, SmartABS (low warp) ColorFabb PLA/PHA.
  • SA Aus3D Colorfabb PLA/PHA
  • NZ Diamond Age ABS & PLA in 1.75mm and 3mm. While they're in NZ, they're reasonably close enough to class as local.
  • QLD Robotronics PLA 3mm, other orders on request.


Below is a sortable table, click the icon beside the column heading to change which column to sort by.

Supplier State Suburb Notes
Belic Tools VIC Box Hill and Dandenong Very large range of tools and accessories.
Bunnings Aus wide Standard hardware store. Useful if you need generic stuff, but not always cheapest.
Cost Less Bolts (Moorabbin/Cheltenham) VIC 3 Ebden St, Moorabbin 3189 Tools and accessories related to bolts and nuts. No web store (unfortunately)
Cost Less Bolts (Ringwood) VIC 13 Molan St, Ringwood, 3134 Tools and accessories related to bolts and nuts. No web store (unfortunately).
Dick Smith Aus wide Sadly, carrying less and less tools.
H.E. Supplies Pty Ltd QLD 186 Wecker Road, Mansfield, 4122 Sells a lot of tool accessories including drill bits, burrs, bits, etc. Note: Store-front version of Small Parts and Bearings.
Home Hardware Aus wide Standard hardware store. Useful if you need generic stuff, but not always cheapest.
Jaycar Aus wide Carry a fair range of electronics tools.
McJing Tools NSW 454 Hume Highway(Liverpool Rd), Yagoona, 2199 Engineering and Woodwork tools
Mitre 10 Aus wide Standard hardware store. Useful if you need generic stuff, but not always cheapest.
MyToolStore QLD Aspley, 4034 Online sales of Dremel, Proxxon, Bosch, Kincrome, and other tools. Also sells CNC's and mini-lathes.
Small Parts and Bearings QLD Mansfield Sells a lot of tool accessories including drill bits, burrs, bits, etc. Note: Online version of H.E. Supplies Pty Ltd.
Aus3D SA Soldering tools and supplies.
Many suppliers of electronics and mechanical parts also sell tools, usually related to their field of expertise. It's always worth checking them out, even if only for ideas, as the cost can sometimes be much more expensive.


There are lots of other sites on the net that have useful lists of suppliers for all sorts of things related to 3D printing. Any of the local HackerSpaces are definitely worth checking out for this sort of stuff. You can ask in IRC if you need more information. Below are a few links that may be relevant:

Makerlab 3D Printing Workshops - Learn about 3D printing, build your own 3D printer introduction to CAD modelling, 3D scanning and robotics workshops.

CCHS Hardware Resources - Melbourne HackerSpace Hardware Resources page.

"Hackerspaces in Australia".