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Main discussion area

The discussions have migrated from the RepRap forums to the following Google Group:

New users won't be added until their first post has been screened to be relevant/legitimate. So just post a "hello, world" message so that it can be moderated and they will be added. Be patient :)

Meeting times and location

As of September 2015, meetings are Wednesdays from 7pm to 11pm, either at the San Jose Tech Shop or B2 Coffee (2nd Wednesday of the month).

As of August 2019, meetings have recently been at Maker Nexus on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

234 E Caribbean Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

This Meetup link has been set up to send out reminders. You can signup at:

The bayareareprap Google calendar has also been updated to reflect this.

Refer to the Calendar and Google Group for the schedule.

Local Related Communities and Resources


Nearby Robot Hobby Clubs

Model Engineering

Model Making

Community Machine/Fabrication Shops

Hobby Shops

Official RepRap Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Local Shops may be better or worse than buying from online retailers. This depends on your local shops and what you're getting. Stepper motors you'll want to get online, steel rod - perhaps not. Fasteners, it depends. You may want to check your yellow pages to look these up, as opposed to online. If you find any place good, tack it up here.


  • Mr. Metric - Mr. Metric does online and phone orders but also has a physical location in San Jose to pick up in person. They don't stock rod, but they have reasonable prices on various metric fasteners.
  • Olander - Another source for metric fasteners, in Sunnyvale.
  • Orchard Supply Hardware - They have fairly expensive small packs of metric hardware. One can also get print bed sized pieces of glass cut extremely cheaply. A 8" by 8" sheet costs around $1.


  • Halted - Halted has a location in Santa Clara with an enormous selection of connectors, resistors, capacitors, wire, and so on for much cheaper than can be found online. They also have used computer components and random finds like 1.5mm aluminum sheets roughly the right size to use as a print bed.

(Example) Local Construction Steel Suppliers