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This is the page of the Tokyo RepRap Group (東京都 RepRap グループ). Be proud to be there!


This group is still at the wimp state but if you want a RepRap you should join and share you ideas!

Mailing List

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The forum of the Tokyo RepRap Group is here. Fell free to join!

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Not scheduled yet...

Local Suppliers

Local Shops may be better or worse than buying from online retailers. This depends on your local shops and what you're getting. Stepper motors you'll want to get online, steel rod - perhaps not. Fasteners, it depends. You may want to check your yellow pages to look these up, as opposed to online.

  • Local Steel Suppliers (e.g. Construction suppliers)
  • Local Bearing Suppliers (Skateboard Shop)
  • Local Fastener Suppliers
  • Local Electronics Suppliers
  • Local Machine Tool/Industrial Supply, (Occasionally unwelcome to hobbyists, but who knows?)
  • Local Jeweler's Supply Shop (For all those tiny drill bits for the nozzles.)

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