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Unit zero small.png

U0 getting somewhere.jpg
Current extruder design
Alternate X piece printed by Unit Zero
Early skeinforge test print
Early skeinforge test print
U0 early electronics.jpg
U0 early stage.jpg
U0 first hot tip poor nichrome placement.jpg
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Acquired in October 2010. Operational by December 2010.

Unit Zero is a TechZone LaserCut Mendel Repstrap. It currently prints PLA using a modified accessible Wade's Extruder (, along with herringbone gears ( It should be noted that it requires some retooling of the accessible design to use the herringbone gears, and subtle redesign of the extruder body may be desirable for those attempting to replicate this. It has printed one functioning child, Unit One, and several sets of parts, and continues printing to bootstrap other systems. In March/April 2011, the wooden y-axis was replaced with a modified open-y axis with assistance from Eric B. In May 2011, the TechZone supplied Wade's extruder was adapted to its current design.


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Assembled by:

  • DSJ
  • Eric F.
  • Seth G.
  • Special thanks to Ian P. and Phil W.
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