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12.8.11: Engineering Expo! The RepRaps and several interesting prints were shown off at the Engineering Expo for Senior Design projects in the HUB on campus today. Below are some of the prints we displayed. All the STLs were found on Thingiverse.

11.29.11: New Wiki looks.

11.8.11: The RepRaps being developed are now completed and printing is underway.

10.13.11: In preparation for TEDx PSU, a RepRapped logo was designed and printed. The STL file is uploaded below in the Files and Firmware section!

10.11.11: The fall semester is in full gear and repraps are being quickly made! These two photos are from the blue team or the "clear mendel" team (a.k.a. RepRaptors)- MReng

9.15.11: The new units are coming along nicely, check out the current photos below!

8.22.11: The Spring Semester began this year with a new set of students for EDSGN 497C. Along with students from last year's "Alpha" class, the new "Beta" students are making quick work of 4 new Ohm models.

7.8.11: FabLab class at PSU (EDSGN 497C) has a few openings, but anyone having trouble should email the professor [email protected] Audits are more than welcome as well.

6.1.11: Summer FabLab development in full swing printing parts for four printers to be built in class this fall.

4.28.11: Showcased RepRap Mendels at the Penn State Senior Design Fair!

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