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What's New?

3.29.11: Unit One is alive, as is our class' first Mendel!

3.5.11: One class Mendel is alive and printing, and everything but a ribbon cable is in place for Unit One.

2.24.11: Our PSU class' repraps are nearing completion, with a Huxley and Mendel all but fully assembled and programmed, and our third close behind. With a bit of luck, all three should be online and ready for their maiden prints within the week.


  • Tuesdays: Intercollegiate Future Society will be forming up next week in the Willard lobby @ 8pm, and we will be commondeering a room from there.
  • Thursdays:: PSU Reprap class meeting in 305 Hammond @ 5:15pm until 9ish.

Prototyping systems in development

U0 getting somewhere.jpg

Unit Zero


Unit One

M1 wk6.jpg

PSU Mendel A

M2 wk6.jpg

PSU Mendel B

Huxley wk6.jpg

PSU Huxley


PSU's [email protected]


Useful Links

Firmware and Files


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