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What's New?

8.22.11: The Spring Semester began this year with a new set of students for EDSGN 497C. Along with students from last year's "alfa" class, the new "beta" students are making quick work of 4 new Prusia models.

7.8.11: FabLab class at PSU (EDSGN 497C) has a few openings, but anyone having trouble should email the professor [email protected] Audits are more than welcome as well.

6.1.11: Summer FabLab development in full swing printing parts for four printers to be built in class this fall.

4.28.11: Showcased RepRap Mendels at the Penn State Senior Design Fair!

Local Prototyping Systems

U0 getting somewhere.jpg

Unit Zero


Unit One

M1 wk6.jpg

PSU Mendel A

M2 wk6.jpg

PSU Mendel B

Huxley wk6.jpg

PSU Huxley


PSU's [email protected]


Useful Links

Firmware and Files




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