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Unit makerbot cupcake.png

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Cupcake Cupcake Not Working Makerbot Cupcake Generation 3 v3.1 Plastruder MK4 220C Extruder clogs easily

Current Status

Date Notes
11 April 2014 Successfully unclogged insulator again
8 April 2014 First successful test extrusion
3 April 2014 Unclogged insulator and printed a new insulator retainer ring
20 February 2014 No trouble uploading firmware so the former documentation of this as an issue has been removed.
16 February 2014 Thermal insulator is badly clogged. Will need to be unclogged or replaced.


PSU Unit Cupcake CNC

  • Model: Makerbot Cupcake
  • Owner: StudioLab
  • Unit #: 001543
  • Batch XIV
  • Assembled: ???


Maker Bot5 12.JPG

Printer Tag Template: Makerbots

File:PSU printer tag template

Jarred (talk) 13:33, 3 May 2014 (PDT)

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