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Blue&White small.png
Blue and White
Color: Blue and White
Extruder: .35mm

This page is for information about the PSU 3D printing Unit Blue and White. This printer is designed to be an Open Hybrid Mendel, or OHM for short. This printer is part of the Penn State class EDSGN 497J. The project was originally started in Spring 2013 but was only a frame at the end of that semester. It was worked on again in the Fall Semester when the final assembly was finally finished at the end of November 2013. The printer was worked on by Penn State College of Engineering undergraduates ranging from sophomores to seniors. The majority of those involved with the project had no or little RepRap or 3D printing experience at the start of the project and most had to learn as the build required more knowledge of the printer.

The Blue and White printer had all its parts printed with PLA by other RepRap machines. The printer will mostly be printing with PLA but has the potential for ABS. It will see use in creating other RepRap machines for the Spring 2014 semester.


Date Status
12/05/2013 Updated wiki page to show current status. Printer has all components added and is awaiting testing and callibration.
11/14/2013 Printer is awaiting electronics. All other components are finished.
11/7/2013 Printer X-axis is completely assembled.
8/29/2013 Blue and White build is continued. Just the frame built.
Spring 2013 Blue and White build is started.

Operating Specifications

Design Ohm
Electronics RAMPS
Firmware Marlin
Extruder 0.35mm


About this printer

This printer is designed to be an Open Hybrid Mendel, or OHM for short. It is finished and as of last class needs to be tested and calibrated.


Build Team
Leo Funk
Oyenola Adeola Ogunro
Justin Frazier
Dimitar Dimitrov
State College RepRap Users Group
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