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PSU [email protected] is in operational mode and continue to be in diagnostic form. Within next week, we have an idea how to approaching for the future project.

Fab2home current tatus

Build Notes

The [email protected] were completed builded by previous owner of the machine. I did check every part to make sure that were properly align and secure. *[ [email protected]] as a guide, the [email protected] were mechanically build as instructed.

Electronic Kits=

We were fortune enough to have all the working electronic kits and installed as instructed.

Apparently, we are missing the JTAG cord which is important for flashing the microcontroller. I believe we are specifically looking for OpenOCD with firmware v4. However, the board were flash for firmware v3.


Currently, I am using *[email protected] v.23 made by cornell university for mendel 1 and driver [email protected] Both are portable loaded into the computer and are seem to be communicate with the [email protected]

Future project:
    • Alernative software or improving coding


Currently we have Acrylic Winsor Blue available for part to print. More to come on order and *check out vendors for harware and material

Diagnostic Notes

Currently, [email protected] machine has a working X axis and Z axis. Y axis does not function very well because there is something wrong with the motor not being adjusted. Also, the X axis seem to be driven itself after the program are close, which is not good. With in this week, we can expected to get the [email protected] ready for future project.