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PSU Huxley is now operational and calibration parts are being printed.

Build Notes

Extruder Hose

The huxley extruder uses a hose to feed filament from the extruder to the tip. The extuder end of the hose requires two nuts to be threaded onto it to ensure that the filament feeds in properly. These nuts can be very difficult to thread on, as they're slightly too small for the hose. An easy way to thread them in is to cut the end of the hose to a point, pinch it together, thread the nuts on, and cut the hose flush again.

Extruder Mounting

Because the Huxley has an extruder which is physically separate from the machine, it's necessary to find a way to mount it securely. The Techzone instructions suggest a folding mount using a metal plate on one side of the machine. We didn't have the required parts to make that design, and decided to see if we could avoid using any new parts. By drilling a hole through the hose side of the extruder near the motor, we were able to mount the extruder to the threaded rod frame using an existing nut. This mounting technique requires no added hardware whatsoever, and causes filament to feed in from the side of the machine, which works well for us.

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