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This page is for information about the PSU Unit Clear. This unit is of the Mendel/Prusia hybrid variety. All of the printed parts were printed by other units in our group.

Repsnapper Printing Parameter Key: Extrude Material Width: Tells the material height, how thick a "slice" is, and the height number is equal to the thickness. Extrusion Multiplier: How much ooze per length and this parameter is related to the speed. Lowering the extrusion material causes less material, and raising it causes more material Layer Thickness: Is the distance between strips on the x and y axis. Infill Distance: the higher the number means less lines or makes it less dense. The lower the number means more lines or makes it more dense.

PSU Unit Clear - Current Condition

[1] A video of our working extruder! (Oct 18)

On October 25th 2011 the PSU Unit Clear (a.k.a RepRaptor) successfully completed its maiden print job. Below are a few photographs of this milestone!