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Name: Delta
Color: Red/Wood
Extruder: Bowden
Temperature: Unknown

This page is for information about the PSU Unit Delta, which is currently being built. This unit will follow the design of the Rostock. All of the printable parts are printed in PLA and assembled. This printer is being constructed by Nathan Myer, Zach Cameron and Ben Gorenc.


Date Modification / Problem
3/11/14 The first mini Rostock parts were printed.
3/25/14 The Rostock mini project was changed to a full sized Rostock. It will actually be about 12 inches higher than a standard Rostock.
4/30/14 Printer is nearing complete assembly, on March1st, 2014, printer motors will be run for the first time

Important Information

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Temperature Comments
Delta Under Construction Rostock Ramps Marlin


Build Team
Nate Myer
Zach Cameron
Ben Gorenc


Use the standard Marlin Firmware found here. You will need to replace the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h with the two files found here.

You will need to modify the delta section of the firmware based on the geometry of your printer. Below is an example of the configuration for a rostock mini.

Rod Length:

// Center-to-center distance of the holes in the diagonal push rods.

  1. define DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD 197.0 // mm

// Horizontal offset from middle of printer to smooth rod center.

  1. define DELTA_SMOOTH_ROD_OFFSET 142 // mm

// Horizontal offset of the universal joints on the end effector.

  1. define DELTA_EFFECTOR_OFFSET 35.0 // mm

// Horizontal offset of the universal joints on the carriages.

  1. define DELTA_CARRIAGE_OFFSET 25.0 // mm

Home position:

  1. define MANUAL_HOME_POSITIONS // MANUAL_*_HOME_POS below will be used

// For deltabots this means top and center of the cartesian print volume.

  1. define MANUAL_X_HOME_POS 0
  2. define MANUAL_Y_HOME_POS 0
  3. define MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS 149 // For delta: Distance between nozzle and print surface after homing.


Because a delta will be using only max end stops you will need be sure that the max pins in the pins.h file are turned on.


At the beginning of construction there was a large amount of wobble in the frame of the printer. Due to this issue the build team improvised by adding 2x4s to the square side of the base to add weight, strength, and stability. Pictures of this can be seen below in the build images.


Problems homing - Make sure your motors and endstops are plugged into the corresponding positions on the RAMPS board.

Problems extruding - make sure the tube of the bowden extruder is as short as possible to reduct friction

Problems tightening belts - due to the long length of the belt system it is difficult to keep the entire belt tight

Problems mounting extrusion motor - due to the fact that it is a bowden extruder, and that the printer is so tall, we are having issues finding a mounting location to avoid kinking the insulation


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