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This page is intended for downloadable materials you can use for setting up exposition booths, publicity (flyers), preparing radio shows, how-tos etc.

Please specify briefly what it is, what it is for, and your language (even if some material is not in your language, it might still be inspiring, or simply translatable).

There also is a forum,63448 for discussing this stuff.

Materials for exposition table/booth

  • 4 sheet of A4 paper with information about RepRap, made for exposing a Mendel which will be sitting and operating on a table/booth. Made for a local LUG (Linux User Group) all-day event in our town organized for the Software Freedom Day. Purpose of this material: (1) Draw attention to the table with the RepRap Mendel, (2) give some basic information to let people read a bit when they shyly approach, and (3) not having to say certain things all over again. German.
    • Is ShowCase a good place to collaboratively edit a rough draft of this document?
    • Can we summarize the education page as "It's very educational for students to build a RepRap"?
  • Drawing explaining the core principle of a FFF RepRap.
    • Rationale: Somebody told me in a PM: "When I was at the World Maker Faire showing my Mendel, the one thing that I had to repeat over and over and over and over again was to describe what plastic it uses. "ABS - the same stuff as LEGO" is now burned into my synapses. A poster explaining what ABS is, what PLA is, and a diagram showing how it's fed into the extruder hot end barrel would probably be very handy to have on display. (I had a spare hot end that I was able to hold up to explain it to people) The technical details of electronics and software wasn't as important as just explaining the basic mechanics of how the heck it works with extruding the molten plastic in layers."
    • So this is a first version of such a poster, which was actually used at a real, live LUG event where a Mendel was shown to visitors and even filmed for a local TV. Feel free to build on it to a more elaborate version. German legends.