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Client Server Printer Model
CAD Models
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Considerable software complexity and processing expense is located at the printer end with significant challenges in maintenance and processing capability or RepRap machines. The aim of RepRapS (capital S) is to reduce cost, maintenance and complexity from the user end (printer) and provide remote multilevel services which interface and match to the machines capability.


As the development of RepRap devices continues, a perennial challenge to constructors is upgrade of various software components to accommodate improvements in software. The intention is to maintain a low cost deployment as software development continues to demand ever increasing hardware performance. Of immediate interest at the time of writing is colour printing where processing of STL files into G-Code for example will place significant demands on processing and printer host controllers.

To alleviate these issue an alternate (or additional) approach is proposed that embodies the concept of remote pooled processing. Such a system uses facilities locally or remotely available, to allow a printer to Pull from remote systems the necessary control information (e.g.G-Code) for a selected design. The remote system prepares and processes the required model (e.g. STL) based on the local machines capabilities and settings (potentially stored remotely) to produce the relevant control sequence to enable the machine to produce the required object.

In an extension to the system; remote commands (e.g. from a mobile device or remote internet connection) would cause a selected object to be printed.

The principle difference between current configurations and the proposed system are: -

 Remote processing model via machine identification.
 Reduce local side (user) processing
 Local machine pull 
 Model selection (local or remote) to initiate local / remote processing

 Model Request -----:
                    :------ Machine control commands ------- Model processing
 Remote             :
 Model Request -----:

Short Guide

Client / server model. Internet provision of high level processing pulled or pushed to machine. Machine pulls or has data pushed where remote software processes and returns control data. Machine configuration (stored locally or remotely) controls remote processing of Model sent or selected from any source e.g. shop, Thingiverse, phone, cad system.

Some closely-related ideas that could be combined with RepRapS:


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