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A notice about these instructions!

Since 1st April 2013, the RepRapPro Mendel has been superseded by the RepRapPro Tricolour and Mono Mendel.
If you are building the new machine, use the official, and most up to date, instructions on the RepRapPro wiki here

This is the place to describe improvements to RepRapPro Mendel

Cooling Fan Bracket

Attach a 40mm chipset cooling fan to the X carriage. This is a useful modification for printing small parts and parts with small cross-sections. Read the full details and get the STL file.


Improved Bed Mount

This is an improved bed mount for the version of the RepRapPro Mendel which uses M3 screws to attach the bed. It eliminates the fiddly three nut system and replaces them with a spacer and a single nyloc nut. This makes bed leveling and adjustment much easier.

Read the full details and get the STL file.